Entertainment Advertisers on Mobile Focusing More on Brand Awareness

November 1, 2013

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MillennialMedia-Entertainment-Advertisers-Mobile-Campaign-Goals-duringQ2-Nov2013Entertainment advertisers on the Millennial Media mobile network are looking to boost brand awareness, according to [download page] the platform’s latest S.M.A.R.T. report. An analysis of the campaign goals of entertainment advertisers during Q2 reveals that a plurality 39% of the time, the campaigns were centered on brand awareness. Interestingly, just 17% of campaign goals centered on product launches and releases, a significant shift from earlier days when they accounted for a majority of campaign goals.

That’s most likely due to a greater diversity of entertainment advertisers on the network. Whereas in 2011, theatrical releases accounted for 43% of vertical spend on the platform, motion picture releases accounted for just 16% of spending during Q2 of this year. (When it comes to product launch/release goals, motion pictures are the main sub-category.)

The entertainment sub-vertical mix is now led by TV programming, which comprises 27% of spending by entertainment advertisers, followed by books and magazines (17%).

While the mix of advertisers has evolved over time, the tactics they’re using remain broadly similar. For example, during Q2, entertainment advertisers were far more likely than the average advertiser to incorporate watching video as a post-click campaign action (44% vs. 17%). This was also the dominant effort back in 2011.

Much as with 2011, entertainment advertisers over-index the average advertisers on the network in their use of mobile social media (21% vs. 9%) and mobile commerce (25% vs. 11%) in the post-click campaign mix.

Other Findings:

  • Parents ranked as the top audience targeted by entertainment advertisers, followed by casual gamers and entertainment fans.
  • Video game advertisers are almost entirely focused on sustained in-market presence when it comes to their campaign goals, while video streaming services’ goals are centered on registrations.
  • Music comprised only 3% of entertainment advertising spend during Q2.

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