Millennials’ Most Frequently Consumed Video Content? Still TV Shows

November 18, 2013

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YuMeIPG-Most-Frequently-Watched-Video-Content-Any-Device-Nov2013Millennials may be slowly gravitating away from traditional TV to online video, while watching video content on a variety of devices, but they’re still more likely to be found frequently watching TV shows than any other type of video content, according to a new study [download page] conducted by YuMe and IPG MediaLab. Survey respondents were asked how frequently they watch a variety of types of video content on any device, whether it be a TV, PC, smartphone or tablet: Millennials chose TV shows first (37%), with user-generated content (33%) close behind. Previous research from M-GO has indicated that new TV shows rank as the most popular content among streaming media consumers (though the list of options was much smaller than in this survey).

In tandem, the results suggest that content preferences transcend screens, and that the rise of online and mobile video owes much to convenience, rather than a viewer’s thirst for content not available on regular TV (notwithstanding the success of various recent web-only programming such as Orange is the New Black).

In fact, a survey released earlier this year by the IAB found that only 9% of original professionally-produced online content viewers believe that the content is better than what they see on regular TV, a fairly surprising result, and one that could conceivably change in the near future.

Returning to the YuMe survey results, TV shows also ranked atop the list of frequently-viewed content types for Gen Xers, though news videos edged TV shows among Baby Boomers.

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