Top 10 Ad Revenue Generating Site Genres – February 2008 (Revised)

April 15, 2008

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Email | Financial Services | Media & Entertainment

Note: Nielsen Online‘s AdRelevance service uses a proprietary methodology for estimating online advertising expenditures and only takes into account image-based technologies and advertising sold per CPM. Above data does not reflect house advertising activity, strategic partnerships between publishers and advertisers, or text units, compound image/text ads, paid search, sponsorships, email, units contained within applications (e.g., messengers and pre-rolls) or performance based advertising.

Current AdRelevance spending/revenue tables shouldn’t be compared with AdRelevance data published before February 2008, because the current data excludes compound image/text ads whereas previous data included it.

Editor’s Note: This chart has been revised to accurately reflect the corresponding data (see downloadable Excel file). Specifically, email sites’ share for February was 13.8% -?not 19.4% as the graph originally (and incorrectly) showed?the genre as having.


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