Mobile Internet Significantly Extends Reach of Some Leading Websites

May 2, 2008

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Mobile internet extends the audience reach of leading website categories by an average of 13% over home PC traffic alone – and for some categories, such as weather and entertainment, the extended reach is significantly greater, according to Nielsen.

Weather sites get a strong lift from mobile (that is, a significant number access the sites over their phone but not over their home PC), whereas shopping sites have a mostly duplicated audience (that is, mobile users who access shopping sites on their phone likely also do so over their home PC):

nielsen-totalweb-online-audience-lift-mobile-web-by-site-category-4q07.jpg, for example, received a 43% audience lift from mobile internet users, Nielsen said.

According to Nielsen, 87 million US mobile users subscribe to mobile internet services, and more than one in ten mobile subscribers (13.7%) actively uses mobile internet each month.

“The data demonstrate that the mobile internet can not only increase the frequency of visits to a website, but also grow the overall size of the pie,” said Jeff Herrmann, VP? of Mobile Media, Nielsen Mobile. “Publishers can now monetize their total cross-platform audience, and advertisers will better understand the efficiency and incremental value of mobile web traffic.”

The cross-platform insights come from TotalWeb, a new report from Nielsen that integrates data from Nielsen Mobile and Nielsen Online to show the unduplicated, unique audience for 200+ leading Internet sites across the PC and mobile internet space.


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