Business Travelers Able to Balance Work and Life Despite More Time on Road

July 2, 2008

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Though more than 68% of business travelers say they are spending more time on the road than in the past, nearly two-thirds (66%) claim that they are able to manage work-life balance while traveling, according to a survey by Expedia Corporate Travel.

Business travelers are getting creative to make work trips more convenient to their everyday lives. They’re relying on technology, using health-conscious hotel facilities, bringing companions with them, and scheduling downtime to relax and enjoy themselves or take care of personal matters.

Some survey findings:

  • 86% of respondents stay connected with friends and family via email and phone while they are traveling for work.
  • 67% establish a nightly ritual of calling their families every evening before they go to bed.
  • 19% take interesting pictures to share with their children when they get home.
  • Nearly three-fifths (59%) have someone join them for all or part of business trips so they can spend free time together.
  • Some travelers bring their pets on work trips.
  • 55% of respondents take time to relax in their off hours by doing hotel-room workouts, eating healthy offerings from the mini-bar and using on-site gyms.
  • 52% plan a relaxing or fun activity during their trip.
  • 48% say they use downtime, such as when waiting for a delayed flight, to take care of personal activities (e.g., making personal phone calls and paying bills); others enjoy spa treatments or work out while waiting in the airport.

“One myth about business travel is that travelers have to put their lives on hold and cannot stay in touch with friends and family when away from home, but the results of this survey show that’s not consistently true,” said Rob Greyber, senior vice-president of North America for Expedia Corporate Travel. “The findings show that travelers are getting creative when it comes to maintaining their relationships while traveling.”

The survey of more than 1,100 US-based business travelers was conducted to understand how travelers maintain work-life balance when on the road for business.


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