iPad Leads Mobile Devices in Revenue per Ad Impression

July 31, 2015

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Opera-Mobile-Ad-Monetization-by-OS-Device-in-Q2-July2015Source: Opera Mediaworks

    Notes: Android mobile devices continued to lead iOS devices in mobile ad traffic (63.7% vs. 21.7%) and share of revenue (47.7% vs. 47.2%) in Q2, reports Opera, though iOS devices were clearly ahead yet again in revenue per impression. The iPad sets the standard on this measure, per the report, accounting for 15.5% of ad revenues against just 3.5% of traffic.

    In other interesting results from the Q2 2015 report:

    • Social networking applications are the first accessed by users at the start of the day, while the most common last application of the day is an entertainment app;
    • The app category with the highest loyalty (how frequently users return to that category for their first or last app choice) was news and information;
    • Compared to mobile ads overall, mobile video ads see more traffic and revenue generation from tablets;
    • Games lead all app categories in terms of eCPM, likely due to a heavier focus on video;
    • Mobile apps lead the mobile web in impression share (55.9% vs. 44.1%) and revenue share (70.9% vs. 29.1%) on Opera’s network, though the impression gap has narrowed as Opera’s traffic has internationalized, bringing with it more mobile web interactions; as
    • While app impressions far outweigh web impressions in the US and in Oceania, the opposite is true in Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, while there’s a closer split (still favoring the mobile web) in the Americas and Europe.

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