Smartphone Share of US Site Visits in 2016, by Industry

April 10, 2017

Smartphones once again ramped up their influence last year as devices used to visit websites, with their share of visits growing across key industries, reports Adobe Digital Index in its latest “Best of the Best” report. The devices’ largest share of site visits was again in the Media & Entertainment sector, where they grew to account for 42.1% of all traffic in the US last year.

Smartphones also comprised roughly one-third of all visits to US automotive (33.8%), travel (33.1%) and retail (30.9%) sites for the year overall. Their share of visits to finance (14.9%) and technology (14.9%) sites remained much lower.

For some sites, smartphones are the primary devices. In fact, for the top 20% of M&E sites by smartphone visits, these devices alone comprised more than 60.4% of traffic.

Even so, desktops remain important, retaining their majority share of website traffic in some sectors, despite continued declines. Desktops were the device of choice in particular for consumers accessing telecommunications (74.6%) sites.

In other results from the report:

  • The visit rate to websites increased by an average of 4% year-over-year across all industries;
  • Finance experienced the highest average visit rate with 1.88 visits per month;
  • Time spent on websites declined across all industries;
  • Conversion rates for both the Retail and Travel & Hospitality industries increased on desktops and smartphones, with desktop conversion rates remaining well ahead of the smaller screens;
  • Website stickiness ”measured as the percentage of traffic that stays and engages with a site” was highest in the Travel & Hospitality (40.9%) and Automotive (40.3%) industries but declined across most sectors; and
  • Paid search click rates were highest for the Travel & Hospitality (7.4%) and M&E (5.8%) industries, and increased across most sectors with the exception of Retail.

About the Data: The results are based on aggregated and anonymous data from 200 billion visits to 10,000+ US websites during the 2016 calendar year.

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