Two-Thirds of US Hispanics Go Online Monthly

February 3, 2009

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Hispanics in the US are now online in overwhelming numbers, and are taking full advantage of the internet as a primary tool for finding and contributing information, researching and making purchases, being entertained, and networking with others, according to recent research from Ipsos.

Results of a Ipsos’ US Hispanic Omnibus study show that 63% of Hispanics who live in the US say that they access the internet at least once a month for information and entertainment. Top activities reported by Hispanics include following news, downloading music, uploading photographs and researching products before purchasing them.


Online News is Popular

While online, 84% of US Hispanics said they read the news at least once per month. Demographic specifics:

  • Men (90%) are more likely than women (79%) to read the news while on the internet.
  • Those under age 55 (85%) are more likely to read the news online vs. those ages 55+ (72%).
  • Virtually all Hispanics with a college degree (97%) read the news while online at least once per month.

Hispanics Research, Buy Online

While online, 79% of Hispanics research products on the internet and more than half (53%) make a purchase at least once a month.


Demographic specifics:

  • Hispanics ages 35-54 are more likely to purchase products online (62%), while Hispanics ages 55+ are least likely (37%).
  • Gender is not a determining factor as men (51%) and women (55%) are almost equally likely to make a purchase online.

Hispanics Use Multimedia

Popular online activities for Hispanics include watching videos, uploading photos, downloading music and visiting social networking sites:

  • Nearly sixty-percent of Hispanics (58%) in the US who went online in the past month watched some type of video and more than two-thirds (68%) of those ages 18-34 say they videos online at least once a month.
  • Roughly half report having uploaded photos (54%) in the past month, while 61% of those ages 18-34 report uploading photos on a monthly basis.
  • Nearly half (47%) report downloading music.
  • 40% who went online in the past month maintain their own social networking profile on a site such as Myspace, Facebook, and MiGente.

“The idea of US Hispanics either lacking internet access, or lacking the ability to utilize the online tools often thought exclusive to the mainstream is no longer relevant,” said according to Cynthia Pelayo, senior research manager at Ipsos. “We know that millions of Hispanics are online, either at home or at work, and they are engaging in functions, often in higher numbers, than the general population.”

About the survey: The Ipsos poll was conducted between September 11 and October 6, 2008 among a nationally representative sample of 513 Hispanics who were interviewed by telephone via Ipsos’ US Hispanic Omnibus. These data were weighted to ensure the sample’s regional and age/gender composition reflected that of the actual US population according to data from the US Census Bureau.


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