Dog-Show Watchers Buy Pet Supplies Online

February 11, 2009

American consumers who tuned into this week’s 133rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on TV are more likely to be women, to have pets themselves, and to buy treats for those pets online, according to data from Experian Simmons.

Simmons’ demographic research among national dog-show watchers in the US reveals that 61% percent are women and 39% are men. Moreover, women are 19% more likely than the average adult to watch dog shows while men are 20% less likely. Dog shows also have the greatest appeal among consumers ages 45+.

Additional findings about dog-show watchers:

  • In terms of geography, 39% of dog-show watchers reside in the South US. However, those who reside in the Midwest are 12% more likely than the average adult to watch dog shows on TV.
  • Consumers who watch national dog shows on TV are 21% more likely than the general American adult population to have pets. This chart illustrates which pets they are most likely to have as well as how many of each:


  • The dog-show-watching consumer segment is 126% more likely to purchase their pet supplies online, while 31% buy their pet treats from supermarkets.


  • Dog product searches represent close to 40% of the pet-related searches made on; and fish product searches make up the second most popular pet subcategory.


  • Pedigree Breath Buster and Milk Bone are the top two dog biscuit/treat brands that dog lovers provide their pets:



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