These Are 2019’s Top US Retailers by E-Commerce Sales Share

March 5, 2019

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Not surprisingly, Amazon is far and away the top US e-commerce retailer – but to what extent? A recent analysis from eMarketer finds that at almost half (47%) of total US retail e-commerce sales, it makes up for more than double the combined share held by all the other companies residing on the 2019 top 10 US e-commerce companies.

The current report indicates that Amazon will bring in $282.52 billion in gross e-commerce sales in 2019. Separate figures from Q2 2018 prove Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce as it reigned supreme in several categories including health, electronics, sports/fitness/outdoors, household essentials, home improvement and food.

eBay holds the distinction of being second to Amazon in sales share at 6.1% of the estimated total. Following eBay at 4.6% sales share is bricks-and-mortar retailer Walmart, which has surpassed Apple (3.8% share). Rounding out the top 5 is The Home Depot (1.7%), followed by Costco (1.3%), Wayfair (1.3%), Qurate Retail Group (1.3%), Best Buy (1.3%) and Macy’s (1.2%).

While Amazon’s dominance may look initially disheartening for other retailers on the list, for many the picture of growth is highly positive, with 9 out of the top 10 enjoying double-digit year-over-year lifts in total e-commerce sales. Walmart, for example, boasts the distinction of being one of the fastest growing e-commerce retailers for 2019, with a projected growth rate of 32.7% to $27.81 billion in gross e-commerce sales. In terms of growth rates it’s a close second only to Wayfair, which is expected to enjoy a 33.3% jump in e-commerce sales this year.

Costco and The Home Depot, both of which are known more for their traditional retail stores, are also sporting impressive growth in the e-commerce arena. Costco’s e-commerce sales are predicted to grow by 28.4% in 2019 (to $7.7 billion), while Home Depot is set to grow by 23% and see sales of $10.7 billion.

While holding strong at number two in e-commerce sales (at $36.34 billion), eBay will see the slowest rate of growth in 2019, as its forecast increase of 2% is down from last year’s 3.4% growth rate.


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