These Are the 10 Largest E-Commerce Retailers in the US This Year

March 13, 2020

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eMarketer Top 10 E Commerce Retailers in the US in 2020 Mar2020As a new decade begins, Amazon still reigns over the US e-commerce space by a wide margin, per recent estimates of online retail sales for 2020 from eMarketer. The research firm indicates that other retailers have a long way to go before they come close to touching Amazon’s e-commerce success.

eMarketer ranks Amazon as the top retail e-commerce company for 2020, with an expected 38.7% share of e-commerce sales in the US, which eMarketer notes is up from 37.3% last year. It should be noted that eMarketer has presumably changed their methodology from last year, when the firm pegged Amazon’s share of e-commerce sales at a full 47%.

Walmart, which somewhat surprisingly is one of the most talked about brands among US Millennials, garners the second-highest estimated share of e-commerce sales at 5.3%. Separately, Nielsen found that Walmart accounted for 6% share of US CPG e-commerce sales in 2018, triple its share from just 2 years earlier.

The big-box store giant is followed in the e-commerce rankings by eBay (4.7% share) and Apple (3.7%), both of which have experienced a dip in market share this year according to eMarketer’s latest release. The Home Depot (1.7%) stays within the top-5 for another year and is followed by Wayfair (1.5%) and Best Buy (1.3%).

Walmart’s retail rival, Target, moves onto the top-10 list, ranking 8th with an estimated 1.2% share of e-commerce dollars. Target replaces Qurate Retail Group, which held the #8 spot last year but has since fallen out of the top 10. The report shows that Target’s e-commerce business is expected to grow by 24% this year to reach $8.34 billion.

Rounding out the top-10 are Costco (1.2%), which beat out Amazon in customer satisfaction last year, and Macy’s (1.1%) which ranked #10 last year, as well.

Although eMarketer also reports that Amazon will account for 4.6% of total US retail sales (online and offline), consumers are possibly not as keen on Amazon as they once were. While the company remains at the top of the list for brands consumers cannot do without, other research shows that Amazon has taken a hit when it comes to ethical issues as well as its impact on the environment.

About the Data: Results are based on the gross value of products or services sold online (browser or app) regardless of method of payment or fulfillment, excluding travel and event tickets.


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