Mother’s Day Spending to Near $27 Billion This Year, Reach New Peak

May 5, 2020

NRF Expected Mothers Day Retail Spending 2007 2020 May2020Mother’s Day spending is expected to hit a new record of $26.7 billion this year, per the NRF in a new forecast, representing a 7% increase from last year’s $25 billion. A full 86% of US adults plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, which is up from 84% in 2019 and equal to the percentage who expected to celebrate back in 2018. This year these celebrants estimate that they will spend an average of $204, about $8 more than last year’s estimated spending of $196 per celebrant.

Respondents ages 35-44 are expected to be the biggest spenders once again this year, allocating an average of $296 per celebrant to Mother’s Days gifts.

Per the report, The largest amount of total spending will go to the following categories:

  • Jewelry – $5.3 billion total (up from $5.2 billion last year) with 34% of celebrants buying;
  • Special outings such as dinner or brunch – $4.1 billion (down from $4.6 billion), with 46% planning an outing (down from 55% last year and likely due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures in place);
  • Electronics – $2.9 billion (up from $2.2 billion) with 19% planning to buy; and
  • Flowers – $2.9 billion (up from $2.6 billion), with 49% expecting to purchase.

More than two-fifths (43%) of respondents said that finding something unique is an important factor when choosing a Mother’s Day gift, while 41% said it’s important to find a gift that creates a special memory.

Additionally, one-quarter (25%) of celebrants plan on giving a gift of experience for Mother’s Day this year. And, with the increase in the popularity of subscription boxes, a full 35% of respondents plan on giving one for Mother’s Day.

More data can be found here.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 8,294 adult consumers fielded April 1-6, 2020.

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