B2B Tech Collateral Goes Mobile

October 17, 2011

eccolo-content-view-oct-2011.JPGA growing shift toward viewing content via mobile device is occurring among consumers of B2B technology collateral, according to [download page] a study released in 2011 by Eccolo Media. Results from “the “2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report” indicate that close to four in 10 (37%) US corporate technology decision-makers say they have consumed collateral on a mobile device.

Of those respondents, 33% reported viewing content on a smartphone and 16% reported using a tablet.

Desktop Still Tops

Despite high levels of using mobile devices to view B2B technology collateral, executives are still using desktops more by a wide margin, with respondents reading 56% of white papers, 58% of case studies and 53% of product brochures/data sheets at the desktop. Downloading and printing was also more widely reported than mobile viewing, while product brochures were three times more likely to be received as printed material than white papers or case studies.

Apple Devices Preferred for Collateral Viewing

eccolo-mobile-content-oct-2011.JPGWhen asked what types of mobile devices marketers should optimize their B2B technology collateral for, more than half (56%) of respondents cited the Apple iPad, followed by the Apple iPhone (45%). Interestingly, slightly more respondents mentioned the Blackberry smartphone (38%) than the Android smartphone (35%).

Non-iPad tablets ranked well behind smartphones, with 24% of respondents citing the Kindle tablet and 19% mentioning Android tablets.

3 in 10 Execs View Written Mobile Collateral Weekly

When asked how often they use a mobile device to view written B2B technology collateral, 30% of respondents said they consume mobile content on a weekly basis, while 34% estimated several times a week and 23% said several times a month.

However, there was a slight reversal in habits of viewing audio/visual B2B technology collateral. Twenty-seven percent of respondents consume this content once per week, while 34% consume it several times per week.

White Papers Most Popular Recent Discovery

When asked if they had started using any new types of collateral in the past six months, 34% of respondents to the survey said no. But among those who had recently discovered a new form of collateral for evaluating technology purchases, the numbers were evenly spread among all content types, both traditional and non-traditional.

Twenty-eight percent reported that they began consulting white papers for the first time in the last six months. Twenty-four percent named company web pages as a new source of information, and 20% cited podcasts. The other seven types of collateral, from presentations (13%) to video (18%), were clustered together so closely that the differences between them were insignificant.

About the Data: Global Marketing Institute distributed an online survey to 501 executives of US companies with influence on technology decisions in June 2011 and provided the results as raw data to Eccolo Media for analysis.

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