SocNets Rule for Deal Shoppers

November 7, 2011

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shopperscience-shopper-deal-finding-methods-nov11.gifUS consumers are leveraging digital technologies to find the best discounts this holiday season, with 56% of shoppers saying that are likely to connect with a retailer on a social networking site to score a good deal, according to [pdf] a Shopper Sciences survey released in November 2011. Data from “2011 Holiday Shopping Trends” indicates that 43% of shoppers will drive out of their way for a good deal, although just 24% will likely stand in line for up to an hour. Meanwhile, 39% say they will spend more time shopping for retailers that offer reward points, and 35% say they will provide their personal information to get better deals.

Smartphones Used as Shopping Assistants

Among shoppers who have used their smartphones while shopping in the past 6 months, 57% say they used their device to look up product information, while 52% say they compared prices and 47% searched for coupons. Roughly 2 in 5 smartphone users also scanned a barcode or QR code, checked inventory availability, or redeemed a digital coupon. Just 30% of respondents used a shopping app to earn points.

Shoppers Avid Online Researchers

According to the survey, online research is driving pre-shopping activities: 42% of shoppers plan to spend more time doing online research before buying a holiday gift this holiday season. Meanwhile, even among those who have a specific brand in mind, a staggering 85% engage in some form of pre-shopping research.

Online Shopping Rises

34% of all shoppers surveyed say they plan to buy more holiday gifts online this year. Those with incomes of $100,000 or more (41%), who plan to spend $1,000 or more (41%), or who are under 40 years of age (40%) are even more likely to buy a greater share of their holiday gifts online this year.

Performics: In-Store Online Searches Prove Popular

Three in five social shoppers conduct competitive price searches or find specials, coupons, or deals while in a retail location, according to a study released in October 2011 by Performics and conducted by ROI Research. Data from the “2011 Social Shopping Study” indicates that these are the most popular frequent or occasional in-store online search activities among shoppers who use social networks during the shopping process. 53% also search for product reviews while in-store, while 45% research product availability. According to the study, 41% of social shoppers research product information, 40% check for alternate store locations, while 37% search for product images and 18% search for product videos.

About the Data: The Shopper Sciences report is based on an online survey of over 1000 shoppers.

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