Few Retail Brands Know How Their Shoppers Are Interacting with Their Sites

February 22, 2022

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As consumer behaviors change, some 4 in 10 retail marketers would like to have more insight into real-time shopper behavior. As it stands, data provided by Bluecore shows that retail brands are falling short on identifying shoppers on their sites, as well as knowing the products they are searching for.

A Q4 2021 analysis of data from more than 400 e-commerce brands indicates that while retail brands are somewhat successful at identifying the shoppers who are adding products to their cart — brands are able to identify 57% of shoppers doing so — they are considerably less able to identify shoppers who are searching on their site (28%) or viewing products (23%). These percentages are all well below the 70% of shoppers Bluecore contends that retail brands should be able to identify at any stage of their time on the brand’s site. 

Some retail verticals appear to be better at identifying their shoppers than others. With younger consumers increasingly purchasing beauty and skincare products online, Health & Beauty retailers emerge as the most capable of identifying these shoppers on their sites, reporting that they can identify 67% of shoppers adding products to their carts, 44% of shoppers searching their site and 34% of shoppers viewing products. 

On the other hand, Jewelry and Consumer Electronics retailers are much less able to identify shoppers. Jewelry brands are only able to identify 11% of shoppers viewing products and 18% searching for products, while Consumer Electronics brands are only able to identify 9% of shoppers viewing products and 21% of those searching. Both are also able to identify a below-average share of shoppers adding products to their carts (50% for Jewelry brands and 54% for Consumer Electronic brands).

About the Data: Findings are based on an analysis of 400+ e-commerce brands in Q4 2021.


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