Mobile Commerce App Usage Higher Among iPhone Than Android Owners

April 16, 2013

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Arbitron-Mobile-Commerce-App-Use-iOS-v-Android-Apr2013iPhone owners are 54% more likely than Android owners to use mobile applications for commerce, per new data from the Arbitron Mobile US smartphone panel. Not only are iPhone owners more likely to use mobile commerce apps, they also log 20% more time with them (105.3 minutes per month, vs. 87.6) and conduct 19% more “virtual shopping trips” (35 sessions per month, vs. 29.5). The study also breaks down the top 5 mobile commerce apps used, as well as the top mobile commerce web domains.

Among mobile commerce apps (the use of app stores for commerce is excluded from the study), eBay tops the list, used by 14.3% of the US smartphone panelists. Close behind is Amazon Mobile, used by 13%, followed by Groupon (11.1%), Passbook (8.1%) and Craigslist Mobile (6.6%). Of those, eBay scores the most sessions (34.6) and minutes (108.4) per month, while Passbook is lowest (2.6 and 2, respectively).

The top mobile web domains tend to be accessed by a larger portion of the smartphone panel, but for fewer sessions and minutes per month. The leading mobile domain was Amazon, accessed by 34.7% of the panelists, almost three times the penetration of its mobile app (13%). But, time spent per month at Amazon’s mobile site was about half of the time spent on its app (19.8 minutes vs. 40).

A similar pattern is evident when looking at eBay. While the site was the third-most accessed by smartphone panelists (18%), slightly higher than the app access (14.3%), time spent with the mobile site was far smaller than time spent with the app (22.8 minutes per month vs. 108.4 minutes per month).

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