CPG Mobile Advertisers Aim to Lure Consumers Through Video, Social Interactions

April 17, 2013

MillennialMedia-CPG-Mobile-Ad-Post-Click-Campaign-Action-Mix-in-2012-Apr2013Millennial Media and comScore have released a new report [download page] examining CPG mobile ad campaigns and characteristics of the mobile consumer goods audience. The study reveals that compared to the average advertiser on the Millennial Media network, CPG brands were more focused on encouraging consumers to watch video, with 44% of the campaigns incorporating a video aspect (compared to 16% on average). CPG advertisers also aimed to engage consumers through social media calls to action, with 34% of campaigns incorporating social as a post-click action, versus 18% of advertisers on average.

CPG advertisers’ campaign goals also differed significantly from the average advertiser last year. Brand awareness was the top goal among CPG brands, at 46% of campaigns, compared to just 14% for the average advertiser. CPG advertisers were also above-average in having site traffic as a goal (29% vs. 14%), while less concerned with other goals such as sustained in-market presence (11% vs. 38%), product launch/release (3% vs. 12%) and increased foot traffic (5% vs. 10%).

Overall, 40% of CPG campaign spend on the Millennial Media platform was attributed to a form of real-time location-based targeting, as brands vied to get their message to mobile users in places such as within the radius of a grocery store.

Who might be within that radius? According to comScore data contained within the report, among the total mobile audience, men are responsible for 54% of mobile grocery shopping, with 54% of those men being in the 18-34 demographic. Overall, though, mobile consumer goods audiences skew female, at 53% share.

Turning to consumers’ in-store mobile behavior, which the researchers suggests is indicative of “mobile Consumer Goods behavior,” the study demonstrates that finding store location (52%), comparing product prices (51%) and purchasing goods or services online (50%) are the most popular activities for men, while researching product features, purchasing online (each at 41%) and finding coupons or deals (40%) are most common among women.

Other Findings:

  • Beverage brands were most heavily represented among CPG sub-verticals advertising on Millennial Media in 2012 (at 43% share), followed by cosmetics and hygiene (28%), food (14%) and household products (10%) brands.
  • 82% of connected device impressions for CPG brands in 2012 came from a smartphone, and 18% from a tablet. Android topped the OS mix (48%), followed by iOS (32%) and BlackBerry (16%).
  • Foodies (10%) were the most actively targeted audience type by CPG advertisers, followed by pet owners (7%), parents, avid shoppers, and household shoppers (each at 6%).

About the Data: The data are based upon a study Millennial Media commissioned with mobile measurement firm, comScore, and Millennial Media’s global platform observations across thousands of mobile ad campaigns.

comScore Methodology:
Ӣ MobiLens U.S. Survey: 18+ years old, November & December 2012; n=29,057
Ӣ Plan Metrix Mobile: 18+ years old, November & December 2012 (12 mo. Avg.); n=12,000
Ӣ Ad Metrix Mobile: Spider and bots technology and mobile display ad space; November & December 2012

Millennial Media Platform Data:
The 2011 and 2012 S.M.A.R.T.TM report data and entertainment vertical data featured is based on actual campaign and platform data from Millennial Media.


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