Call Centers Affect Brand Perception

April 25, 2007

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Consumers who have “positive” call-center experiences are more likely to say they are satisfied with that company’s products or services overall and are more likely to purchase from that company again in the future, according to a Beta Research study.

Most consumers are adamant regarding how and who should handle their product or service inquires, the Beta Research Customer Satisfaction Study indicates, the firm said.

Telephone inquiries should be answered within a relatively short period; six or more rings before being connected is unacceptable.

Most prefer to speak to an actual person rather than an automated system. Respondents who were initially connected to a “live” operator were significantly more likely to be satisfied with the service experience than those connected to an automated menu (78% vs. 49%).

Being put on hold for three or more minutes can have a negative impact on a company’s image: 43% of those who were put on hold for more than 3 minutes said they now have a lower opinion of the company that they called.

And 80% agree that the quality of the service received from a customer service representative is a good indication of the quality of that company’s products or service.

Respondents who found customer service representatives to be rude, difficult to understand, or uninformed were even more likely to be dissatisfied with the company; they are also more likely not consider that company’s products or services in the future.

More than 3,000 panelists, 18+ who contacted a company (of any type) by telephone within the previous year participated in the research.


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