Majority of Male Shoppers Look For Sales In-Store, Regularly Use Coupons

September 20, 2013

WSL-Male-Shopping-Habits-Sept2013Men seek out deals, regularly use coupons, and aren’t afraid to ask for help in-store, suggesting that “a number of assumptions associated with the way men shop… are just not true,” according to [download page] a new study from WSL. The survey results indicate that 63% of men actively look for sales in-store and 53% regularly use coupons to cut costs, with that tendency slightly higher among younger men. Younger shoppers are also most likely to search for online discounts.

Specifically, among male respondents, half of Millennials (18-32) search for discounts online, compared to 40% of Gen Xers (33-46) and one-quarter of Boomers (47-65). It’s not surprising to see younger men in front in terms of digital shopping adoption; two-thirds of Millennials also say they use their mobile phones to shop, versus 52% of Gen Xers and 29% of Boomers.

Men and women aren’t far apart in their uses of loyalty programs and alerts, per the study results. 8 in 10 male shoppers belong to a frequent shopper program (compared to 89% of women), and 73% receive email alerts for shopping (versus 82% of women).

Despite the stereotype that men don’t ask for help, the study also finds that men generally will seek assistance from a sales associate. In fact, they’re more likely to do so than women in some categories, including home products (25% vs. 18%), baby products (25% vs. 12%) and beauty products (14% vs. 9%). (Those latter 2 might reinforce male stereotypes rather than dispel them…)

Finally, men also rely on reviews, with roughly two-thirds feeling better informed after reading online product reviews and about 6 in 10 ready to make a purchase after doing so.

About the Data: The “How America Shops® Men & Shopping 2013” study was conducted as a nationwide online survey of 740 men and 780 women shoppers ages 18+ in July of 2013.

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