Six of Ten Consumers Have Watched Online Video Ads

May 29, 2007

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Some 59% of online consumers surveyed said they have watched online video ads, and more than half of those viewers said they took action (e.g., visited a website, bought something) in response to the ad, according to The Kelsey Group.

The findings are from the “Online Video: A New Local Advertising Paradigm” report, part of the ongoing User View study of consumer usage of traditional and online information sources to find and locate local businesses.

Though 45% of online video advertising watchers have done nothing in response to the video ad, a nearly equal proportion – 43 % – said they have checked out a website after watching a video ad, and 22% said they have requested information about a service or product.

A full 15% said they have actually made a purchase as a result of watching an online video ad; 3% said they have ordered a subscription.


DoubleClick and Millard Brown have released separate studies recently, showing that online video ads have better response rates than other forms of online and offline advertising.

DoubleClick found that online video ads had clickthrough rates ranging from 0.4 percent to 0.74 percent, compared with 0.1 and 0.2 percent for image ads.

Millard Brown found online viewers were more likely to pay attention and recall ads shown during commercial breaks than individuals watching live TV or DVR playbacks.


“The quality of exposure shown by all these studies also has a great deal to do with the use case. Users who views ads during a television broadcast are often on their couches in ‘lean back’ mode and are thus unlikely to immediately respond in any meaningful way beyond making a mental note,” according to the TKG report.

“Users watching video on their PCs are conversely in ‘lean forward’ mode and are likely engaged in a search process to find a product or service (or are at least a few mouse clicks away from being able to do so). This ‘proximity’ to being able to pull in more information and research once provoked by a given video ad supports the view that video can be a complement to Internet Yellow Pages listings.”


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