Which Retailer Marketing Initiatives Do Consumers Believe Will Drive Them In-Store?

January 20, 2016

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TimeTrade-Effective-Retailer-Initiatives-In-Store-Traffic-Jan2016Source: TimeTrade [download page]

    Notes: Special promotions on retailer websites (55%) represent the top marketing initiative (of 7 listed) that consumers believe are most likely to draw them in-store, according to results from a TimeTrade survey of 5,444 consumers, with this result possibly reflecting in part the power of promotions rather than the website channel. Interestingly, print ads (49%) rank well ahead of social campaigns (20%) and mobile ads (18%) among respondents. Meanwhile, alerts such as location-based promotions (29%) and opt-in text notifications (27%) were cited by more than one-quarter of respondents.

    Separately, if a desired item were to be available online and in a nearby store, 71% of respondents said they would prefer to buy the item in the store as opposed to online (27%) or on their mobile device (3%).

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