Which Survey Invitation Methods Do Consumers Find Most – And Least – Acceptable?

February 8, 2016

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AccelerantResearch-Consumer-Receptiveness-Survey-Invitation-Methods-Feb2016Source: Accelerant Research

    Notes: American adults are most open to survey invitations via email and least open to door-to-door solicitations, per results from a recent Accelerant Research survey. While fewer than half of respondents believe that survey invitations printed on retail checkout receipts (47%) and delivered via US mail (44%) are completely acceptable, those are the only methods other than email that respondents were more likely to find completely acceptable than completely unacceptable.

    Respondents’ opinions were fairly evenly split when it came to intercepts while leaving a restaurant or retail store or while in-aisle at a retail store, but were (understandably?) not welcoming of intercepts while dining at restaurant.

    Meanwhile, respondents were considerably more likely to deem phone calls to be completely unacceptable than completely acceptable. Consumers generally appear to be less receptive to robocalls than to live operator calls, and slightly less receptive to calls to mobile phones compared to landline calls.

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        About the Data: The results are based on a survey of a demographically representative sample of 1,741 American adults (18+) via Accelerant Research’s proprietary Agora USA consumer insights panel.


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