US Q4 E-Commerce Conversion Rates Were Almost 3 Times Higher on Desktops Than on Smartphones

January 19, 2017

While smartphones’ share of e-commerce traffic continues to grow with each passing quarter, conversion rates have been slow to catch up, according to Monetate’s latest benchmark figures covering Q4 2016. Indeed, within the US, conversion rates were almost 3 times higher on computers (4.31%) than they were on smartphones (1.5%).

The 1.5% figure for smartphones is a step up from last year, though. For the same set of e-commerce properties, smartphones’ conversion rate in Q4 2015 was 1.2%, while the comparable rate for computers was 4.28%, roughly even with this past quarter.

Its worth noting that while these rates are roughly similar on a global scale, they’re vastly different within the UK. In fact, the conversion rate on smartphones in the UK was 3.31%, more than double the average in the US. Conversion rates on computers (5.96%) and tablets (4.52%) were also higher in the UK than they were in the US and globally. The UK last year was one of only two countries to see mobile devices account for a majority of e-commerce transactions for the first time, according to data contained in our Mobile Milestones 2016 Brief.

Meanwhile, although smartphones couldn’t hold pace with tablets and computers in conversion rates, they continue to play a large role in e-commerce, contributing an estimated 43% of traffic in the US during the fourth quarter, up from 31% in the year-earlier period. Smartphone users seem to also be growing in comfort with their spending amounts, with average order values globally for smartphones ($109.68) up from the prior year ($91.11) though still well behind computers ($143.35).


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