Mobile Rich Media Ad Efficacy Questioned

January 16, 2013

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MoPub-Mobile-Rich-Media-Ad-Pricing-Performance-in-Q42012-Jan2013Mobile rich media ads have cited for their benefits by Opera Advertising, Celtra, and MediaMind, but a new report from MoPub [download page] questions their efficacy during Q4 2012, finding that rich media ad units on its real-time bidding exchange received higher eCPMs throughout the quarter, but did not always get correspondingly higher click-through rates. For example, in December, while rich media units received 40% higher eCPMs than non-rich media units ($1.16 vs. $0.83), their average click-through rate was only 18% higher (1.3% vs. 1.1%).

In October, while sporting a 27% higher average eCPM, rich media ads did not have a higher average click-through rate (CTR). Only in November did rich media units have a greater lift in CTR than in pricing.

Effective CPM (eCPM) is equal to total revenue divided by total ad impressions times 1000, and represents the price advertisers are willing to pay to reach the developer’s audience.

Other Findings:

  • Mobile ad prices grew markedly during Q4, up 66% on iOS between October and December (from $0.68 to $1.12) and up 54% on Android ($0.53 to $0.81).
  • iOS consistently demonstrated higher eCPMs and CTRs than Android throughout the holiday season (from December 1 through January 7).
  • Average eCPMs for the iPad (including the iPad mini) were higher in December ($1.40) than for the iPhone ($1.04), Android tablets ($0.99), and Android phones ($0.80).
  • The iPad was the most popular device for advertisers in Q4, as measured by real-time bidding demand, overtaking the iPhone.
  • Mobile ad prices and CTRs were higher after the New Year than in the weeks preceding.
  • Social networking, sports, and games applications were the most popular with advertisers during Q4.

About the Data: The Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report provides market data from real-time bidded auctions for mobile ad impressions, aggregated from smartphone applications, advertisers and demand side platforms on MoPub Marketplace, the mobile ad exchange product of MoPub, the world’s leading advertising server for smartphone apps.

MoPub Marketplace is a real-time bidding exchange for mobile ads, where advertisers and their representatives can bid on ad inventory from thousands of smartphone application publishers in an efficient, real-time market. Over 180 Tier 1 brand advertisers, including 58 of the top 100 largest advertisers in the world advertise on MoPub Marketplace.

The data reflected above is solely representative of exchange-traded media on MoPub Marketplace and does not include any ad network or ad network mediation data.

MoPub Marketplace suppliers are smartphone application publishers from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The data is representative of 30 billion monthly ad impressions across two dozen verticals.


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