Tuesday Tops for Facebook Brand-Page Clicks

September 10, 2009

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Content posted on Facebook-based brand pages has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 9.89% on Tuesday, the highest for any day of the week, according to data from social media services vendor Vitrue.


Tuesday is followed closely by Wednesday, which has a CTR rate of 9.87%. Not surprisingly, Friday and Saturday have the lowest click-through rates, with 2.67% and 2.70% respectively.

Brand pages, which are similar to human profiles but are organized around companies, typically aggregate news about the brand in question. Users can become “fans” of brands for which they feel an affinity, and receive updates from them on their news feeds.

CTRs Higher than Display

Taking all days of the week into account, click-throughs for Facebook brand pages average about 6.76%. This average is lower than Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but still much higher than average CTRs for display advertising across social networks in general, including Facebook itself, according to Vitrue.

The research was collected through Vitrue’s Social Media Manager tool, an application suite that enables brands to manage, schedule, publish and measure messaging across Facebook and Twitter. The analysis takes into account the number of fans a brand has, divides the number of clicks on a post by the fans that ultimately see it,? then adjusts that number to reflect that every fan is not on Facebook at the same time, MarketingVOX writes.

As an example, if a brand with 100 fans receives 5 clicks on a wall post, that represents a 5% CTR. But if 20 fans? see the post, the CTR rises to 20%, Vitrue said.

The research suggests certain days of the week might be better for launching a given promotion.

“This highlights the importance for marketers of having a well thought-out communication strategy for updating their brand page and when to create wall posts to get the optimum response,” said Vitrue CEO Reggie Bradford, who confirmed that response rates are higher early in the week, then dwindle. Rates rise again come Sunday.

“The point isn’t to say only do wall posts on Tuesdays,” Bradford added. “The point is that there are differences among days of the week and thinking has to happen behind the wall posts so you can maximize the impact.”

About the data: The sample data reported is compiled from nearly 200 million fans impressions on Facebook pages over a five-month period (March – August 2009).


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