iPhone Users Appear Wedded to Wi-Fi

April 10, 2012

jumptap-wi-fi-carrier-breakdown-in-mar12-april2012.jpgiPhone users are far more likely than Android or Blackberry device users to use Wi-Fi, finds Jumptap in an April 2012 report. Looking at data from its network of more than 107 million unique visitors in March, Jumptap found that iPhone users were 66% more likely to use Wi-Fi than Android users (58% vs. 35%), and 41% likely to do so than Blackberry owners (58% vs. 41%). The study notes that this makes iPhone users ripe for geo-targeted campaigns, as Wi-Fi offers strong location data.

April 2012 data from comScore finds a similar trend. Basing its analysis on census-level behavioral data from comScore Device Essentials, the comScore report finds that within the US just 29% of unique iPhones browse only via mobile networks, compared to 71% that browse via both mobile and Wi-Fi networks. By contrast, only 32% of Android phones used both connections, while 68% browsed only via networks.

AT&T Top iPhone Carrier

Looking at carriers, Jumptap found that AT&T was tops among iPhone users in March, at 22%, ahead of Verizon (13%) and Sprint (5%). AT&T and Sprint were equal (both at 15%) among Android users, behind other carriers (20%), while Verizon (16%) led among Blackberry users, also trailing other carriers (27%).

Most AT&T Network Users Connect Over Both Channels

Not surprisingly, given the Jumptap results, comScore’s data shows that within the US, smartphones on the AT&T network are more likely to browse via the network and WiFi than just via the network (58% vs. 42%). This trend was reversed among the other carriers measured, with network-only browsing taking the lead among Verizon (68%), T-Mobile (68%), and Sprint (71%) network users.

iPad Users Even More in Love With Wi-Fi

Meanwhile, March 2012 data from Localytics reveals that strong utilization of Wi-FI is not limited to iPhone owners, but is common among iPad users, too. Examining iPad usage of applications with Localytics app analytics from the launch of the 3rd-generation iPad until the report, Localytics found that just 6% of iPad sessions were via a cellular network. Some of this is attributable to the finding that 89.7% of the devices were Wi-Fi, compared to 8.8% that were 3G-enabled, and 1.5% that were 4G-enabled. Even so, among 3G-enabled devices, Wi-Fi usage stood at 55%, while among 4G-enabled devices, Wi-Fi usage was a higher 64%.

April 2012 data from Chetan Sharma supports the Localytics finding, with the analysis indicating that 90% of tablets in 2011 used Wi-Fi only.

Other Findings:

  • The Jumptap report reveals that the percentage of iPad traffic from the new iPad range from 0.52% to 2% in the first 6 days after its release, and that it primarily stole share from the iPad2.
  • According to Chetan Sharma, US wireless data service revenues grew 5% quarter-over-quarter and 19% year-over-year in Q4 2011 to reach $17.6 billion. Verizon and AT&T accounted for 68% of mobile data services revenue for 2011.
  • 40% of all smartphones sold globally in Q4 2011 were sold in the US.
  • Mobile data traffic grew again in 2011 to constitute more than 85% share of mobile traffic in the US.
  • April 2012 figures from Strategy Analytics indicate that 61% of US households now have a wireless home network.

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