People Expect These Metaverse Applications to Impact Their Lives the Most

June 14, 2022

The metaverse may be a fairly new concept, but it’s generating plenty of buzz. People in the US seemed to have a negative reaction to it – at least when explained by Mark Zuckerberg – and research has shown that it tends to be met more by hatred than love. A new study from Ipsos finds that excitement about extended reality differs quite significantly across the globe.

The analysts point out that positive feelings about the potential to engage with extended reality in daily life is more widespread in emerging countries such as China, India, Peru and Colombia than it is in higher-income countries such as Japan, Canada, Belgium, and Germany. Overall, exactly half (50%) of the survey’s respondents across 29 countries reported positive feelings, a figure that fell to 42% in the US.

Not surprisingly, familiarity with the metaverse globally is higher among respondents under the age of 35 (62%) than those ages 35-49 (54%) and 50-74 (37%). Male respondents also reported a higher familiarity than female respondents (59% and 44%, respectively). A similar dynamic has played out in the US, where interest in the metaverse is led by youth and men.

So how do adults across the world think that metaverse applications might impact their lives? Across the 29-country average, the highest expectation is for virtual learning using extended reality (XR), which two-thirds (66%) of respondents expect will significantly change people’s lives in the next 10 years. Close behind, 64% expect entertainment in VR to have such an impact, while 62% feel the same way about virtual work settings and 60% about virtual/enhanced gaming. As for virtual socializing? Some 59% think this will significantly change people’s lives in the next 10 years.

For more details, check out the survey results here.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey conducted April 22-May 6, 2022 among 21,005 adults ages 18-74 in the US, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa and Turkey, 21-74 in Singapore, and 16-74 in 23 other countries.


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