“Global Digital Elite” Profiled

April 16, 2013

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Turn-Profile-Global-Digital-EliteThe “world’s most valuable audience” has been identified, at least according to [download page] a new report from Turn. These 2% of global consumers – the “global digital elite” – see 24 times as many ads as the average consumer, and are so prized by marketers that they command 85% higher eCPMs than average. So who are they? They’re young, urban, have above-average income (typically $76k and up), and have an affinity for gadgets. They also love to shop, are interested in fashion, and have diverse media tastes.

Those diverse tastes mean that they enjoy public radio, but also Family Guy, Elle, and GQ.

Although the Turn study identifies this group as the “global” digital elite, 85% of them reside in the US, while another 10% live in the European Union. They can be found outside these major Western markets though, as they enjoy foreign travel.

While digital advertisers have their sights set on this valuable segment, there’s another profile in the report: the least valuable audience.

These consumers – targeted the least by advertisers – are more likely to be aged 65 and older, or the mother of a young child. They’re price-conscious, have incomes of less than $51,000, and live outside of big cities. Rather than being big shoppers like their more valuable counterparts, these consumers are focused on saving their money.

About the Data: Data for the Global Digital Audience Report is based on activity on the Turn platform from January to March 2013. Audience characteristics are based on data from Turn inventory partners (www.turn.com/inventory-partners).

Every day, the Turn cloud marketing platform makes over 50 billion advertising decisions, analyzes over 1.5 trillion customer attributes, and provides instant access to more than 1 trillion display, mobile, social, and video advertising impressions every month.


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