iPhone Dominates Q3 Mobile Ad Impressions, But Some Samsung Phones See Higher Engagement

December 3, 2013

Adfonic-Top-Mobile-Devices-in-Q3-Dec2013Apple devices may have dominated in ad impression share across the globe in Q3, but some Samsung mobile devices appeared to see greater engagement than the iPhone, per new data [pdf] from Adfonic. For example, with a CTR index of 1.41 and an effective earnings for thousand impressions (eCPM) index of 1.17, Samsung’s Galaxy Ace topped the iPhone (1.06 and 1.08, respectively) in performance for the quarter. Samsung’s top mobile devices by impression share (Galaxy S3 and S2) trailed the iPhone in the CTR index, though, while edging it on the eCPM front.

Overall, the iPhone commanded 49% share of mobile device impressions across the globe, with the iPod Touch adding another 8.6%.

Apple was even more dominant in impression share when it came to tablets, with the iPad gobbling up 76% share in Q3. With a CTR index of 1.14, the iPad bested all other tablets, although it fell behind a variety of other tablets in the eCPM index.

All told, Apple’s iOS (63%) and Google’s Android (32%) together accounted for an impressive 95% of global impressions. Windows had just 0.9% share, but rose 13% from Q2.

In the device breakdown, tablets accounted for 28% of global ad impressions in Q3, up from 19% in Q2 and 15% in Q1. Recent data from Millennial Media [download page] covering Q3 activity on its platform found less of a drastic change: non-phone connected devices (mostly tablets) accounted for 23% of impressions, up from 20% a year earlier.

Other Findings:

  • The Games channels generated almost half – 47% – of all ad requests during Q3.
  • The Entertainment & Media vertical was the top spender, accounting for 33% of all spending, with technology and telecom (17%) next.
  • Click-through rates in the business and finance, FMCG and retail, news and education, technology and telecoms, and travel verticals were highest during the 12AM-6AM time frame.
  • While click-through rates for most verticals were quite steady throughout the week, they spiked on the weekend for the style and fashion vertical.
  • Premium ad requests through real-time bidding (RTB) have now grown from 342 million in Q1 2012 to almost 2 billion.

About the Data: The Adfonic Global AdMetrics Report is based on data drawn from Adfonic’s buying platform during the quarter.


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