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    Source: Socialbakers

      Notes: The average response rate for user wall questions asked of brands around the world on Facebook hit 65% in Q1, the highest point since Socialbakers began tracking this metric and matching its “Socially Devoted” standard. The mail and shipping industry took over as the top industry by response rate (87.9%), followed by airlines (81.1%) and telecom (78.2%). Telecom performs exceptionally well considering it receives by far the most volume of questions, almost triple the next industry, electronics. In other results, Socialbakers notes that one-quarter of user posts on Facebook brand pages are questions, and that while the absolute number of questions grew by 1% quarter-over-quarter in Q1, the number of answers increased by 7% (thus the increased response rate). Separately, response rates and times are improving on Twitter, though there remains room for improvement.

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