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The Definitive Resource for Understanding Purchase Drivers. The US Purchase Influencers Report 2019

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The advertising landscape is changing, rapidly. Digital channels have permeated the market as advertisers follow consumers' shifting behaviors, dedicating large chunks of their budgets and enthusiasm to the promise of greater measurability and targeting efficacy. 

At the same time, new media players are eschewing advertising as a business model altogether.

How are people responding to these changes? Do they feel like they tune out ads? And if not, which types do they find most influential? 

We explore these and other questions in this 36-page report, which contains 32 charts.

Broad, deep coverage:

20 purchase influencers included (2 new this year!): - TV ads, newspapers ads, magazine ads, social media ads, influencer posts on social media, radio ads, podcast ads, direct mail, opt-in emails, search ads, cinema ads, outdoor ads, digital video ads, video game ads, ads on smartphones, ads on tablets, word-of-mouth, consumer reviews, TV product placements, promotional products

4 activities and responses analyzed: - Past-week media activities - Where consumers encounter ads - Where media users recall noticing advertisers - What influencers drive purchases

6 demographic variables compared: - Gender, generation, income level, education level, race/ethnicity and parental status

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Purchase Influencers Report 2019

The 36-page report contains 32 charts and tables - and more than 1,000 data points!  

You have the option to purchase just the PDF, or the PDF and a folder containing png images of all the charts as well as an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the survey results used in the study

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