TV Kitchens Serve Heaping Helpings of ‘Marketing Clutter’

September 22, 2009

In Q209, an average hour of US monitored prime-time network TV programming contained 9 minutes, 51 seconds (9:51) of in-show brand appearances and 14:05 per hour of network commercial messages, according to data from TNS Media Intelligence. This combined total of 23:56 of “marketing clutter” represents 40% of a prime-time hour.


The 23:56 figure represents a slight decrease in total marketing messages over Q109, though in-show brand appearances are up 19% vs. Q208. In-show brand appearances and network commercial messages comprised 41% of a prime-time hour in Q109.

Unscripted TV Still Chock Full

Unscripted reality programming had an average of 16:42 per hour of brand appearances, compared with just 5:52 per hour for scripted programs such as sitcoms and dramas, TNS said.

Late night network talk shows averaged 11:31 per hour of brand appearances. The combined clutter level of brand appearances and network ad messages in these shows reached 26:48 per hour, or 45% of total programming time.

Hell’s Kitchen Dishes Out Biggest Portions

Among all monitored network programming during Q209, Hell’s Kitchen had the highest average volume of brand-appearance time at a whopping 58:14 per hour, up from 43:00 in Q109. Rounding out the top five are Celebrity Apprentice (49:58); Biggest Loser: Couples (45:02); American Idol (42:44); and Chopping Block (33:13).

About the data: TNS Media Intelligence continuously monitors Branded Entertainment within network prime time and late-night TV programming. The tracking identifies brand appearances and measures their duration and attributes.

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