Study Profiles Affluent Mexicans’ Media Consumption, Lifestyles

July 30, 2007

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Mexican elites’ attitudes toward media and brands and lifestyle information are part of the inaugural Synovate PAX Latin America Media Survey of affluent consumers in leading Latin American economies – Argentina, Brazil, Mexico – by Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group.

Some findings from Synovate’s Mexico research:

Products and Services

  • Almost two-thirds of Mexican elites own a desktop PC and over one-third have a notebook computer.
  • 45% have a mobile phone with internet access capability plus a camera.
  • 42% of elite Mexicans own a digital video camera, and 39% own a DVD player recorder.
  • Flat screen TVs are owned by 38% of affluent Mexicans, and LCD/Plasma TVs are owned by 9%.
  • Mexicans outrank both Argentineans and Brazilians when it comes to ownership of digital video and digital still cameras, DVD recorders/players and Flat screen/LCD/Plasma TVs.
  • 88% of Mexican elites own one or more cars.

Spending and Lifestyle

  • Personal Luxury Goods:
    • 21% of Mexican elites, twice as many as Argentineans, own quality/designer clothing items worth over $200.
    • 12% own quality/designer accessories or footwear compared to 9% of Argentineans and Brazilians.
    • 18% of affluent Mexicans own jewelry worth over $500, and 16% own a luxury watch worth over $1,000.
  • Leisure time:
    • More than two-thirds of Mexican elites have been to the cinema in the past six months.
    • 43% visited museums or art galleries and 34% went to the theater.
    • Only 8% of Mexican elites went to the opera or ballet, while 31% attended a music concert, (over twice the number of affluent Brazilians that had done so).
    • 19% of affluent Mexicans traveled via plane outside the country during the past 12 months.
  • Alcohol consumption:
    • In the past four weeks, only 13% of Mexican elites surveyed had consumed wine.
    • Local beer is the favored beverage, consumed in the past four weeks by 21% of elites.
    • Not surprisingly, among all Latin Americans surveyed, tequila is most popular in Mexico, with 19% of elite Mexicans having consumed tequila in the past four weeks.

The Synovate study also examined media consumption, including television viewing, newspaper readership and internet usage:

TV channel viewing

Daily newspaper readership


Internet usage

According to Synovate: One of four Mexicans with internet access has purchased something online in the past 12 months; in particular, Top Management is more likely to book airline tickets and hotel reservations online; and airline tickets and music were the most popular online purchases.


About the data: Synovate PAX conducted 4,740 interviews from January to April 2007 with affluent adults age 25-64 in major cities in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) and Mexico (Mexico City). Affluent consumers are defined as the top 21% of the population in Argentina, top 31% in Brazil and top 20% in Mexico. Those classified as business decision makers comprise senior management/department heads or above in companies with 10+ employees. Those classified as top management include business decision makers as well as those with positions such as CEO, CFO, MD, Director or the equivalent.

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