Video Gamers Consume New Media

February 23, 2010

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Video game category buyers (those spending at least $1 per month on game-related content) consume several other forms of new media at a rate higher than the general population, according to research from The Nielsen Company.

Video game category buyers, who comprise 24% of US households, devote a percentage of their wallet share at a rate 120% or higher than the general population in five media categories besides video game content:

  • Buying or renting feature films on DVD, Blu-Ray or video (4.3% compared to 3.5%).
  • Participating in sports activities (4.1% compared to 3.1%).
  • Buying CDs, MP3s, or other forms of music (3.8% compared to 2.8%).
  • Entertainment-related options on the internet (website subscriptions) (2.7% compared to 2.2%).
  • Buying video-on-demand or pay-per-view (1.8% compared to 1.2%).


In addition, video game category buyers devote a percentage of their wallet share at a rate 80% or lower than the general population in two media categories besides video game content:

  • Regular TV packages, such as basic cable (13% compared to 17.9%).
  • Buying or subscribing to magazines, books or newspapers (3.4% compared to 4.2%).

Beyond these two categories, video game category buyers devote 20.4% of their wallet share to participating in activities such as dining out, shopping and/or going to a museum, a rate which is about 82% of the general population (24.8%). In the video game category, video game category buyers devote 9.3% of their wallet share to video game content, almost double the 4.9% wallet share of the general population.

In general, video game category buyers spend more of their wallet share on new media and less on established media.

College Students Spend 12/Hours Day with Media, Gadgets
College students in America are expected to lay out an all-time high $6.5 billion this year on technology items and spend an average of 12 hours each day engaged with some type of media, according to findings released from the Alloy Media + Marketing College Explorer survey, conducted by Harris Interactive. This means of approximately $56 billion in discretionary spending expected during 2010, college students will spend 11.6% on technology-related items, including computers, mobile devices, MP3 players, and gaming consoles and devices.


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