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What adults 18 and older prefer to watch on TV depends on where they are, according to Nielsen analysis of the Video Consumer Mapping Study [pdf] from the Council for Research Excellence.

Entertainment Rules at Home
At home, people show a preference for entertainment programming. Almost half of home viewing (48.2%) consists of entertainment programming. Advertising and promotions accounts for another 21.9% of home viewing. News follows with 18.3% of home viewing time. Sports comes in last with a 10.7% share of home viewing.


News Less Popular at Other’s Homes
When visiting another person’s home, viewers have similar TV-watching preferences to the ones they display at home, except for news. More than half of viewing time at another’s home (52.7%) is spent watching entertainment programming, with 21.6% spent watching advertising and promotions and 15.1% spent watching sports. The roughly 50% viewing share increase in sports watching comes at the expense of news, which drops close to 50% to a 10.3% share.

Viewing Preferences Evenly Divided at Work
When watching TV at work, viewers do not dramatically prefer one segment of TV programming more than another. Sports leads with 28.6% of viewing time, followed by news (24.2%), advertising and promotions (23.7%) and entertainment (23.4%).

Sports Rules Other Locations
In other locations (such as restaurants, bars and stores), sports programming is clearly the most popular, capturing 38.3% of TV viewing. Entertainment follows with 21.6% of viewing, trailed by advertising and promotions (19.4%), news (16.2%) and unknown (4.5%).

Super Bowl Viewers Stay Home
Although sports programming viewership levels are lowest at home and highest in locations such as bars and restaurants, according to previous Nielsen research, most US households were planning to watch the Super Bowl at home this year. Forty-six percent of households planned to watch the Super Bowl at home alone or with immediate family, with another 31% planning to watch it at home with friends and relatives and 14% planning to watch it at the home of a friend or relative. Only 3% planned to watch this year’s Super Bowl at a bar or restaurant.

About the Survey: The CRE study was conducted by observing the media usage among participants age 18 years and older in five DMAs (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle) in the spring and fall of 2008. The sample included 752 observed days for a total of approximately 750,000 recorded minutes.

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