Asia Pacific stood out in a global advertising market that declined 1.6% from 2008 to 2009, according to Nielsen‘s Global AdView Pulse.

Asia Pacific Dramatically Outperforms North America, Europe
The overall outcome of 2009 advertising is the result of totally different behaviors within the three regions of Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Asia Pacific is the only region to show year-over-year advertising growth (6.6%). North America had the most severe decline in year-over-year advertising (-9.4%), while advertising in Europe declined 4.9%.


The second half of 2009 showed growth in all three regions, according to Nielsen analysis. Q4 2009 in particular showed improvement, with 4.5% global growth including 12% growth in Asia Pacific and 2.6% growth in Europe. However, Nielsen cautions that some of this growth may be due to weakness caused by the advent of the global economic crisis in fall 2008 and aggressive advertising discounting by media owners in response.

Radio Grows in Asia, Europe
Out of the four major traditional media channels of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, only radio showed year-over-year ad growth in two regions: Asia Pacific (7.8%) and Europe (1.9%). Radio advertising declined 8% in North America.


TV advertising showed the highest annual growth of any channel in Asia Pacific (10.4%), while shrinking 2.8% in Europe and 5.6% in North America. Newspaper advertising grew 1.1% year-over-year in Asia Pacific and shrank 5% in Europe and 9.5% in North America.

Magazine advertising fared poorly in all three regions, with an annual decline of 6.4% in Asia Pacific, 14.7% in Europe and 21.4% in North America.

Three Global Sectors Show Ad Growth
Of 11 global advertising sectors tracked by Nielsen, three reported annual global growth in 2009. FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) led with 10.6% growth, while healthcare grew 6.1% and distribution channels grew 4.2%. The automotive sector had the most significant global decline of 15.1%, followed by clothing and accessories with 11.6%.


Annual US Ad Spending Falls 12.3%
Total US advertising expenditures fell 12.3% in 2009, to $125.3 billion, as compared to 2008, according to Kantar Media. Kantar’s research also shows ad performance improving later in the year, as Q4 2009 ad spending was off only 6% compared to Q4 2008, with nearly all types of media improving upon their January-September performance.

About the Survey: Nielsen’s Global AdView Pulse reports advertising across 27 markets in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.

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