UK Teens Spend 34 Hours a Week Online

August 14, 2007

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Young people in the UK spend 34 hours online each week, with 80% of 16-24-year-old Brits logging on to the internet daily, writes PublicTechnology, citing UK-related findings from a Microsoft/MTV study (which MarketingCharts otherwise covered extensively, here).

However, 73% of young Brits have a TV in their room and tend to multitask, watching TV programs while surfing the net and chatting online with friends.

The Circuits of Cool/Digital Playground technology and lifestyle study found that the average 16-24 year old in the UK…

  • Has a total of 49 friends, of which 7 are close friends, 26 are acquaintances and 16 are online friends whom they have never met in person
  • Has 75 phone numbers in their mobile, but only 14% use it to call friends; most prefer to text or listen to music on their mobile device instead.
  • Has 86 buddies on their instant messenger list
  • Is a member of up to three social networks and connected to 86 people (56% visit a social networking site every week.

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