‘Behind the Curve:’ Week Ending Sept. 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

Below are some links to recent research news, studies and lists from the collection of items that MarketingCharts didn’t get to writing up this week, but still may be worth a peek:

How Social Media is Changing Brand Marketing

Nearly 59M Mobile WiMAX Subscribers in 2015

Public Lacks Confidence in Private Enterprise Stopping CyberCrime

US Consumers Show 3DTV Interest

Australian Web Users View Video

Fiesta Cross-Shopping

Endorsements Backfire

Bloggers Debate Growth of Government

Rock Impresario Gambles on ‘Spider-Man’

Turbine Makes LOTR Online Free to Play

Consumer Credit Drops in July

Newspaper Ad Decline Slows

Integration Key to Marketing Success

Top Retailers Lose $6B to Theft


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