Older Adults, African-Americans Watch Most TV

August 4, 2011

nielsen-weekly-tv-hours-aug-2011.JPGAdults 65 and older and African-Americans were the demographic groups who watched the most weekly TV during Q1 2011, according to The Nielsen Company Q1 2011 Cross-Platform Report. Adults 65 and older spent an average of 49 hours and 17 minutes per week watching traditional TV, while African-Americans spent an average of 47 hours and 37 minutes week.

Older Adults Double Teen TV Viewing

The only age group which spent close to the same amount of time as those 65 and up watching traditional TV was adults 50-64, who spent an average of 44 minutes and 54 seconds. Adults 65 and up watched more than twice as much weekly TV as teens age 12-17, who averaged 24 hours and 21 minutes per week. Overall, all Americans age 2 and up watched an average of 35 hours and 37 minutes of weekly traditional TV in Q1 2011.

Adults 18-49 Dominate Most Other Video Technology

Looking at other forms of video technology, such as timeshifted TV, web surfing, and watching video on the internet, Nielsen data finds adults age 18-49 have the highest levels of usage. Adults 25-34 and 35-49 tie for the most weekly time viewing timeshifted TV (three hours and 11 minutes), while adults age 35-49 lead in most weekly time using the internet on a computer (eight hours and 34 minutes).

In addition, adults 18-24 have a commanding lead in watching video on the internet (48 minutes per week). However, teens 12-17 lead in watching video on a mobile phone (20 minutes per week).

Minorities Underconsume Some Tech, Overconsume Other

Hispanics and African-Americans consume timeshifted TV, internet on the computer and internet video at time rates below the overall average. However, both groups consume mobile video at time rates above the overall average.

Variety of Tech Except PC-based Internet Grows in Use YOY

nielsen-monthly-time-aug-2011.JPGIn Q1 2011, 288.5 million Americans 2 and older watched TV in the home during an average month, up 0.8% from 286.2 million a year earlier. Another 107 million watched timeshifted TV, up 13.2% from 94.6 million in Q1 2010.

In addition, Americans increased their monthly consumption of internet video and mobile phone use from Q1 2010, and mobile video use grew 41%, from 20.2 million to 28.5 million. However, computer-based internet use slightly fell 0.2%, from 191.3 million users to 190.9 million users.

Compared to Q4 2010, use of TV in the home and computer-based internet fell, use of all other listed technologies rose.

In-home Streamers Watch Less TV

Heavy in-home streamers of online content underindex consumption of TV content compared to the average viewer, according to other data from the Q1 2011 Cross-Platform Report. The trend became more pronounced in Q1 2011 compared to Q4 2010.

In Q4 2010, the heaviest US in-home streamers of online content ages 2 and up averaged 14.5 minutes per day of streaming content and 262.7 daily minutes of TV viewing. Interestingly, the second-heaviest group of US in-home online content streamers, who averaged only 2.4 daily minutes, reported the heaviest daily consumption of TV (270.7 minutes). Those who consumed no online streaming content had the second-lowest average daily TV consumption (265.4 minutes).

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