Netflix Users Say Regular TV Content Consumption Unaffected

September 7, 2012

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gfk-effect-monthly-netflix-use-tv-consumption-sept2012.pngMost regular users of Netflix (those who use it on at least one platform monthly) say that their Netflix viewing has no effect on their consumption of various program genres on regular TV, per results from a GfK study released in September 2012. In fact, these Netflix users are more likely to say that their Netflix viewing has a positive rather than negative impact on their regular TV content consumption. For example, while 68% say Netflix makes no difference to their viewing of new episodes of dramas on broadcast or cable TV networks, 22% say they watch more of these episodes as a result, compared to 10% who believe they watch less.

Other regular TV program genres in which more regular Netflix viewers report a positive than negative effect on consumption include:

  • theatrical movies (those originally shown in theaters) shown on broadcast or cable TV networks (26% watching more vs. 16% watching less);
  • reruns of episodes of comedies or sitcoms on broadcast or cable TV networks (25% vs. 15%);
  • reruns of episodes of dramas on broadcast or cable TV networks (23% vs. 17%);
  • original movies shown on broadcast or cable TV networks (20% vs. 13%); and
  • new episodes of comedies or sitcoms on broadcast or cable TV networks (20% vs. 11%).

The data suggests that Netflix may not be a primary contributor to cord-cutting or cord-shaving (eliminating or cutting spending on pay TV services). Indeed, an April 2012 report from Leichtman Research Group (LRG) found that only 13% of Netflix subscribers said they would consider reducing spending on their multi-channel video service because of Netflix, down significantly from 21% who felt that way the previous year.

Average Weekly Viewing Via Netflix Seen High

Details from GfK’s “Over-the-Top TV 2012: A How People Use Media Report” indicate that while Netflix isn’t cannibalizing regular TV program consumption, that doesn’t owe to a lack of viewing via Netflix. Instead, Netflix users report watching an impressive average of 5.1 TV programs and 3.5 movies per week on Netflix.

The report translates this result to the total 13-54 population, finding that based on the survey findings, the average person (not just Netflix subscriber) in this age bracket watches 1.7 TV programs and 1.1 movies per week via Netflix.

Netflix Users Not So Loyal, Though

Despite high levels of content consumption via Netflix, users aren’t married to their membership. 51% of Netflix users residing in pay TV households reported that they would either definitely or probably cancel Netflix if their TV service offered a similar service and price. That figure is up from 45% last year, and may be a result of Netflix’s actions last year, which 51% of account holders said negatively impacted their opinion of the service. Indeed, the fallout from those “missteps” has been prolonged: 37% of Netflix users said they still have a lower opinion of Netflix.

Other Findings:

  • 47% of consumers aged 13-54 have ever used Netflix.
  • 39% are monthly users, which is up from 35% last year.

About the Data: GfK’s “Over-the-Top TV 2012: A How People Use Media Report” was conducted in June 2012 among 1,051 persons ages 13 to 54.

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