Teen and Young Adult Cross-Platform Media Consumption Studied

February 1, 2008

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Among teenagers and young adults, moviegoers consume at least twice as much radio and television as non-moviegoers, according to a new report by Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI).

The research pointed to a correlation between the extent of media consumption overall and movie-going among teenagers and young adults (ages 13-24):

  • The moviegoer group consumes an average of 329 minutes of media per week; the non-moviegoers consume an average of 143 minutes per week.


  • Moviegoers watch an average of 280 minutes of television per week, compared with 118 minutes per week for the non-moviegoers.
  • For radio, moviegoers listen to an average of 49 minutes per week, compared with non-moviegoers, who listen to 25 minutes per week.


The research report also showed that 13-24-year-old moviegoers who are further categorized as frequent moviegoers (at least 24 movies per year) are the biggest consumers of radio: 73.6% of them are also ranked as either heavy or medium radio listeners.

“It would [appear to] be logical to assume that the non-moviegoer group – the 13-24-year-olds who don’t want to put in the effort to go to the movies – would consume the greatest amount of easy media such as television and radio, but that was clearly not the case at all,” said Amanda Welsh, head of research for Integrated Media Measurement Inc.

“This age group is the most desirable demographic among advertisers, and, as a result, television networks, movie studios and radio stations. It is important for marketers to understand the interrelationship between different platforms, both in-home and out-of-home.”

About the study: The research was implemented through a research panel built by IMMI that mirrors US Census results for fundamental demographics in key markets. IMMI provides panel members with a mobile phone equipped with technology that creates digital signatures of all the audio media (television, radio and movies) to which it has been exposed.


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