Media Consumption Estimates: Mobile > PC; Digital > TV

August 5, 2013

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eMarketer-Share-Media-Consumption-by-Medium-2010-2013-Aug2013This year, for the first time, consumption of non-voice activities on mobile devices will exceed time spent online on desktop and laptop computers, says eMarketer in newly-released estimates. The researcher’s data indicates that mobile non-voice activities will capture 19.8% of American adults’ daily media time, up significantly from 13.5% last year, and edging the 19.5% of media time spent going online from a computer. Overall time spent with digital (including the use of the above-mentioned devices) is estimated to command 44.4% of the average adult’s daily media time this year. That’s up from 39.1% last year and 29.6% in 2010, and is entirely attributable to the increasing amount of time spent with mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile’s growth has propelled overall time spent with digital past TV for the first time. At an estimated 38.1% of daily media time this year, TV has held fairly steady from prior years (40.9% in 2010), but will rank behind digital media (44.4%) this year for the first time. Of course, these results would look very different by age group, with older Americans watching significantly more TV than youth and the opposite presumably true for things digital.

Meanwhile, radio and offline reading of print media have both seen their share of total media time decrease, according to the researchers. Radio is now at 12.1% of daily time (from 14.9% in 2010), while print has fallen to 4.5% share (from 7.7%).

It’s important to note that eMarketer’s estimates entail the entirety of time spent with each medium, irrespective of multitasking. That means that one hour spent watching TV and social networking on a smartphone would count as one hour for both TV and mobile.

Other Findings:

  • Social networking makes up an estimated 28.4% of time spent on smartphones, up from 23.1% last year and 10.3% in 2010. Time spent with video on smartphones has shown strong growth this year, up to 12% from ~9% the past couple of years.
  • Tablet users spend the same amount of time on average watching video as they do social networking (19% share each). Both are up, from 13% and 10%, respectively, last year.

About the Data: eMarketer says it “bases its estimates of time spent with media on the analysis of estimates from other research firms, consumer media consumption, and device adoption trends.”


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