Netflix Is A “Must Keep” TV Brand, People Say

July 28, 2017

For the first time this year, Solutions Research Group’s annual “Must Keep TV Report” has included the three major streaming services: Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. And all three have immediately made their mark on the study, particularly Netflix.

The subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service placed 4th among the 77 brands measured. That means it came in ahead of one of the Big 4 broadcast networks (FOX), displacing them from occupying each of the top 4 positions for the first time in the survey’s 10-year history.

Netflix also ranked ahead of the ESPN (#6) and HBO (#7) in the survey, which asked more than 1,400 Americans ages 12 and up to identify which brands would be on their “must keep TV” list if they had to choose a limited number.

As for the other streaming services, Amazon Prime Video came in at #14, while Hulu ranked 22nd on the list, putting each in the top third of all brands tracked.

It’s yet another feather in the cap for Netflix. Just this year, we’ve reported that:

Netflix Tops the List for Millennials

The service is especially prized by youth, according to the Solutions Research Group (SRG). The SRG study reveals that Netflix is the #1 “must keep TV” brand in the US for 18-34-year-olds, ahead of each of the broadcast networks, which follow in succession.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: a study released earlier this year found that for youth, the concept of “watching TV” evokes Netflix more than it does cable and network brands.

Meanwhile, the other streaming services also fare better among youth than the full 12+ population, with Hulu coming in 9th and Amazon Prime Video 11th.

Other Results

In other highlights from the study:

  • HGTV had the biggest improvement of the lot, jumping 6 spots to #13;
  • CNN (#15) and FOX News (#16) are close together among all Americans, but CNN is clearly favored by 18-49-year-olds while FOX News ranks higher among affluent households;
  • ESPN is the top cable channel for men for the 10th consecutive year;
  • Amazon Prime Video ranks 8th among women ages 25-54, while CW cracked the top 10 (#7) for the first time.

About the Data: SRG describes its methodology as follows:

“‘Must Keep’ TV is an independent syndicated brand tracking survey conducted by Solutions Research Group (SRG) among a representative sample of American consumers. This is the 10th edition of the survey since 2007. The questions have been fielded and presented in the same manner each year. The 2017 research is based on online interviews with 1,425 American consumers aged 12 and older and conducted in April 2017 ”“ the sample captures and represents all major population segments.

Respondents are shown a list of 77 broadcast, cable and high-penetration streaming brands and are asked to identify which ones would be on their ‘must keep TV’ list if they had to choose a limited number. Sample design is balanced by geography, gender and ethnicity, including African-American and English-speaking Hispanics according to known universe parameters.”


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