Sports Fans Are Also Cutting the Cord

July 7, 2022

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Access to live sports has long been a reason for maintaining a pay-TV subscription, and live sport continues to be one of the most common types of content viewed when watching linear TV. However, as streaming services push into live sports, fans are ditching their cable subscriptions: a new survey from the Seton Hall Sports Poll finds that fewer sports fans this year have cable and satellite subscriptions.

Per results from the May survey, just 3 in 10 self-described sports fans surveyed have a cable subscription, marking a considerable drop from 39% share last year. Satellite subscriptions have also fallen, from 22% in last year’s survey to 16% in this year’s edition.

It is true, however, that cord-cutting appears to be slower among sports than non-sports fans. For those respondents who said they were not sports fans, cable subscriptions saw an even greater fall, from 31% last year to just 18% this year. Satellite subscriptions, meanwhile, dropped from 14% to 8% of respondents.

Fans may indeed be gravitating more to streaming services to sate their desire for sports content. For example, Peacock’s coverage of Premier League football may have helped it among this group: 1 in 5 sports fans surveyed this year reported subscribing to the service, twice the share (10%) from last year.

Overall, half of sports fans and 71% of self-described “avid fans” subscribe to a streaming or cable service that requires additional payment with the intent of watching soccer, compared to 42% of respondents in general.

About the Data: The 2022 results are based on a May survey of 1,514 US adults.


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