The Main Drivers of Identity Use in Advanced TV

July 12, 2022

Identity-based audiences are frequently used in planning for linear TV media, according to a report from the Winterberry Group. In fact, a majority of respondents in the US (56%) and UK (70.3%) report using identity-based audiences “a lot,” and virtually all use them at least “a little.”

A majority of respondents in the US (73.8%) and UK (59.5%) find precision “very important” compared to reach in planning advanced TV campaigns, with a further 15.5% of US and 24.3% of UK respondents finding precision to be critical.

Identity, meanwhile, is “critical” to successful activation in connected TV (CTV)/OTT for about 1 in 6 respondents while being “very important” for another 65-70%, depending on geographic location.

The key drivers of identity use in advanced TV (linear, CTV) are shared by both US and UK respondents. The top response is the need to better define audiences for targeting (86.9% US; 83.8% UK), followed by frequency capping of advertisements (ad occurrence) to viewers (63.1% US; 62.2% UK). Other drivers cited by a majority of respondents include the use of activation of audiences across advanced TV channels, and measurement of campaign results.

Separately, when asked the barriers to growth for the use of identity in advanced TV, respondents pointed to the number of paths onto the TV set, complexity of measurement, and lack of identity standards.

A recent survey found ad tech investment decision-makers saying they are increasing investment in environments such as CTV in which third-party identifiers are still available, while a separate study found that CTV will be set for increased spending as as result of cookie deprecation.

Finally, most respondents in both the US and UK believe that linear TV and CTV/OTT buying will evolve to a single programmatic platform approach as used in other forms of display and digital video advertising.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 121 experienced media owners and publishers as well as agencies and brands across the US and Europe. Some 83% are or have been primarily buyers of advanced TV solutions, while 17% are or have been primarily suppliers of such solutions.


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