Lady Gaga Most Popular Musician Online

June 25, 2010

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Contemporary pop singer Lady Gaga is currently the most popular musician online, based on her global social media following, according to data from Famecount.

SocNet Users Gaga for Lady
Lady Gaga has a global following of 8.9 million Facebook fans, 4.6 million Twitter followers, and 307,410 YouTube subscribers. This has catapulted her to become the most followed global social media entity across any genre, including consumer brands. This month, Lady Gaga surpassed President Barack Obama as the most popular celebrity in any genre online.


Twitter Helps Spears, Facebook Helps Jackson
Among music celebrities, Lady Gaga is followed in online popularity by Britney Spears, currently the world’s top Twitterer with more than 5.2 million followers. Country performer Taylor Swift is ranked third, followed by the only non-living musician to make it into the top 10, Michael Jackson. Jackson’s overall social media rating is due in large part to being the world’s most popular musician on Facebook with over 13.2 million fans.

Gaga, Bieber Lead Online Popularity Growth
Lady Gaga has also seen the fastest growth in social media popularity this month, adding 1.5 million Facebook fans, 483,130 Twitter followers and 19,213 YouTube subscribers. Although Canadian YouTube sensation, Justin Beiber is only ranked fifth in terms of overall online popularity for June 2010, he is running almost even with Gaga in popularity growth.


Other stars in the Top 10 growth chart this month include Eminem, whose seventh album Recovery has just been launched, and Shakira, who recently performed at the World Cup opening ceremony and whose World Cup song has already achieved more than 30 million YouTube views.

US Offline Music Preferences Differ
Although contemporary pop singer Celine Dion is the most popular musical performer among all US adults, country performers and classic performers who are deceased or no longer actively performing dominated a recent Harris Poll.

The top two performers among all US adults, Celine Dion and U2, are both currently active and not in the country genre. However, deceased singer Elvis Presley (who crossed multiple genres) and 1960s rock group The Beatles tied for the third spot. Country performer Tim McGraw was ranked number five. Lady Gaga came in at number six, and was the only performer to rank in both surveys.


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