Women Text, Shop Online More than Men

March 17, 2011

nielsen-mobile-calls-texting-q4-mar11.gifOn average, women text more than men and also generally perform more online shopping than men, according to new data from The Nielsen Company. Analysis of US mobile consumer behavior in Q4 2010 shows in an average month, women send and receive 717 SMS text messages, 30% more than the 552 sent and received by men.

Women also have a smaller 12% advantage in number of mobile calls made in an average month (181 compared to 161).

Teens Text Most of Any Age Group

Examining mobile behavior by age, 13-to-17-year-olds send and receive a staggering 3,276 SMS text messages in an average month. This is close to double the next-highest average number of average monthly SMS text messages (1,671), held by 18-to-24-year-olds. Compared to the 46 SMS text messages sent in an average month by mobile users age 65 and older, teens send and receive about 71 times as many texts.

Adults 18-24 and 35-44 tie for the highest number of average monthly mobile calls (202), one call ahead of 25-to-34-year-olds (201). This is 30% more than the 155 average monthly calls made by teens and about double the average monthly calls made by adults 65 and older (100).

Women More Engaged in Most Online Purchase Categories

nielsen-mobile-purchasing-categories-mar11.gifOnline shopping is popular among both sexes, with almost three-fourths of women (72%) and more than two-thirds of men (68%) having shopped online in the past 30 days during Q4 2010. Consumers of both sexes age 35 to 54 had the highest levels of online shopping activity (74%). Women led most online purchase categories except music (the genders tied with 11% engagement), auctions (men have 30% higher engagement, 13% to 10%) and computer hardware (men have 150% higher engagement, 10% to 4%).

The online purchase category where women have the largest advantage in engagement is cosmetics (267% higher engagement, 11% to 3%).

Gallup: Men Outspend Women in Jan. ’11

On average US men outspent women overall in January 2011, according to results of a recent Gallup Poll. However, women’s average daily spending was up from January 2010 while men’s average daily spending was down.

Self-reported daily spending by adult male consumers averaged $64 in January 2011. This represents a substantial 17% decline from the average figure of $75 reported in January 2010. Meanwhile, self-reported daily spending by adult female consumers averaged $53 in January 2011. This means on average men spent 21% more per day than women.

However, women spent an average of $49 per day in January 2010, meaning on a year-over-year basis female daily spending rose a moderate 8%.


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