CPG Coupon Distribution Breaks Record

April 7, 2011

nch-coupon-distribution-apr-2011.JPGThe total number of CPG coupons distributed in the US during 2010 broke the record for the largest year ever for the second straight time, according to a new study from NCH Marketing. Data from “NCH Annual Coupon Facts” indicates the number of CPG coupons distributed in the US last year via all media totaled 332 billion, up 6.8% from 311 billion in 2009.

CPG Coupon Distribution Up 19% Since ’06

Since 2006, when total US CPG coupon distribution equaled 279 million, the number of coupons distributed has risen 19%. There were year-over-year increases during every individual year within that time period except 2008, when the total number of coupons distributed fell 1.4% to 281 million.

CPG Coupon Value Grows 14% YOY

nch-coupon-incentive-pressure-apr-2011.JPGThe total value of all CPG coupons distributed in the US last year equaled $485 billion, up 13.9% from $426 billion the prior year. Since 2006, when total value equaled $329 billion, the figure has increased 47.4%, with year-over-year increases in every individual year.

Grocery Share Hits Highest Level Since ’07

nch-coupon-dist-segment-apr-2011.JPGDividing CPG coupons into the grocery and health/beauty care (HBC) categories, grocery coupons held a 65.2% share in 2010. In addition to rising one full percentage point from its CPG coupon share in 2009, grocery also reached its highest share level since 2007 (66.8%).

Grocery Coupon Volume Grows 8% YOY

nch-coupon-volume-grocery-apr-2011.JPGThe volume of US grocery coupons distributed in 2010 reached 216 billion, up 8% from 200 billion the previous year. This is 21.3% more than the 178 million distributed in 2006 and the highest number since then. Year-over-year volume grew every year since 2006 except 2008, when it fell about 5% from 190 billion to 181 billion.

HBC Coupon Volume Increases 4.5%

nch-coupon-hbc-apr-2011.JPGThe volume of US HBC coupons distributed in 2010 hit 116 billion, a 4.5% hike from 111 billion in 2009. Since equaling 101 billion in 2006, total HBC coupon volume has grown 14.9%. Year-over-year volume increased every year since 2006 except 2007, when it declined 6% to 95 billion.

95% of Adults Plan Food Savings Strategy

Approximately 99% of US adults are aware of rising food prices, according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Coupons.com. The vast majority (95%) plans to employ at least one savings strategy at the grocery store as a result, with incorporating coupons the most popular planned activity to offset rising food prices, cited by nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents.

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