Search Engines Leading Online Method to Find Deals

April 21, 2011

retailmenot-online-shopping-deal-finder-tools-apr11.gifThree-quarters (74%) of US adult online shoppers use online tools to find deals, and the highest percentage (50%) use search engines, according to a March 2011 survey conducted by and Harris Interactive. Search engines are the most popular online means of finding deals by a significant margin, outpacing number two retailer emails/ads (30%) by about 67%.

Coupon websites are used by the third-highest percentage of online shoppers (23%), closely followed by price comparison sites (22%).

7 in 10 Coupon Site Users Visit Monthly or More

retailmenot-deal-tools-frequency-of-use-apr11.gifOf online adults who use coupon sites, seven in 10 (71%) visit them once a month or more, including 28% who visit a few times a month and 23% who visit once a week or more.

6 in 10 Daily Deal/Group Buying Site Users Visit Monthly or More

Of online adults who use daily deal/group buying sites, about six in 10 (57%) visit them once a month or more. This figure includes 20% who visit once a month, 18% who visit a few times a month, and 19% who visit once a week or more often.

Coupon, Daily Deal Sites Promote Shopper Return

retailmenot-online-deal-likely-apr-2011.JPGAn exceedingly high percentage of online adults who use both online coupon sites (95%) and daily deal/group buying sites (97%) are at least somewhat likely to return to a retail outlet where they used an online discount. Fifty-nine percent of consumers in both groups are very or fairly likely to do so.

However, a higher percentage of online coupon site users are very likely (25%) to return to a retail outlet than daily deal/group buying site users (21%).

Regular Discounts Promote Online Loyalty

retailmenot-coupons-agree-apr-2011.JPGEighty-two percent of online shoppers strongly or somewhat agree they are more loyal to businesses that offer regular, rather than occasional, discounts. And 82% of online coupon site users strongly or somewhat agree that coupon sites are best when looking for discounts on everyday purchases.

In addition, four in 10 (39%) online coupon site users admit they use coupon sites more for impulse than planned purchases. Of online shoppers using both coupon and daily deal/group buying sites, 76% strongly or somewhat agree they save more in the long run with coupon sites.

Women 18-34 Favor Coupon Sites

Survey data indicates of women ages 18-34, 26% use daily deal sites, whereas 35% use coupon sites. For the total population, these numbers are 18% and 23%, respectively. RTE Cereal Top Online, Mobile Coupon Category

Ready-to-eat cereal was the most popular US digital coupon category for both traditional and mobile download in 2010, according to data from The Digital Coupon Trends Report for 2010 indicates that traditional and mobile download actually shared the same top five categories of ready-to-eat cereal, yogurt, refrigerated dough, portable snacks, and vegetables

About the Data: This survey was conducted online within the US between March 9th and 11th, 2011 among 2,045 adults, (aged 18 and older), of whom 1,783 are online shoppers by Harris Interactive on behalf of Schwartz Communications via its Quick Query omnibus product.


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