Global Competition Top Talent Concern

May 16, 2011

deloitte-talent-concerns-may-2011.JPGWhen asked to name their most pressing talent concerns (more than one response allowed), the highest percentage of respondents (41%) said competing for talent globally and in emerging markets, according to data collected by Deloitte in October 2010. Findings from “Talent Edge 2020” indicate internal issues followed, with 38% selecting developing leaders and succession planning, and 37% selecting retaining employees at all levels.

In fact, the only other specifically external issue was recruiting hard-to-find skill sets (28%). The vast majority of other responses focused on employee retention, with the notable exception of reducing employee headcount/costs (21%).

CPG, Fin Service Companies Most Likely to Lay Off

deloitte-layoffs-industries-may-2011.JPGMore than half (53%) of global consumer/industrial products companies expect to lay off employees in the next six months, this figure is 16% lower than the 63% of consumer/industrial products companies who had conducted layoffs in the previous six months.

Financial services companies closely follow consumer/industrial products companies with 50% planning layoffs in the next six months, also down about 16% from the 61% who had conducted layoffs in the previous six months.

No other industry surveyed by Deloitte had planned layoff figures anywhere near as high as consumer/industrial products or financial services companies. Technology/media/telecom had the widest disparity between recently conducted (57%) and planned (40%) layoffs, about 30%. The only industry where the rate of planned layoffs was not lower than the rate of recent layoffs was energy/utilities, with a flat rate of 29%. Overall, 55% of organizations polled conducted layoffs in the past six months, and 50% planned them in the next six months.

7 in 10 Companies Expect R&D Talent Shortage

deloitte-talent-shortages-may-2011.JPGMore than seven in 10 (72%) respondents expect some level of talent shortage in R&D this year. No other area compares, with executive leadership coming in a distant second at a 56% level of expected talent shortages. All other areas analyzed by Deloitte came in within a 46-51% range of expected talent shortages.

Focus on Talent Operations/Tech Most Expected to Grow

deloitte-talent-strategies-may-2011.JPGThe highest percentage of respondents (67%) expect their company’s focus on talent operations/technology to increase. Interestingly, social media and collaboration (66%) closely follows, as do global diversity management (65%), and the trio of global mobility strategies , virtual/telework programs and workforce flexibility (64% each). Less likely to receive increased focus were employee relations issues such as those involving generational (57%) and gender (49%).

Domestic Hiring Growth Seen Slow

Domestic hiring growth expectations of 1.8% for Q4 2010 were slightly below those from the third quarter, and the median expectation was just 1%, according to other Deloitte hiring data. On the plus side, no industries were projecting decreases, and energy/resources was projecting increases of 4.5%.

The outlook for offshore and outsourced employment was better, with an expected 3.6% increase in offshore personnel (2.8% the previous quarter) and a 2.8% increase in outsourced staffing (1% during Q3 2010). Technology companies expected increases in both offshore and outsourced hiring of nearly 7.5% (and no increases in domestic hiring).


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